Bulk Discount Logo 200X163 CDP Is Happy To Offer BULK PRICING - We have 12 items now available with a BULK PRICING discount. Click Here to see all the elements that have discounted bulk pricing. The more elements you rent of these items the bigger the discount in per unit costs. This is not a limited time offer. These elements will continued to be offered with a […]
50-300x168 These Products are Currently HALF OFF For a Limited Time - For a limited time only, these 3 elements will be ON SALE at HALF OFF their current unit price. View our “On Sale” page under Promotions to learn more about these spectacular elements.   Now through the end of June, receive a Rent 1 Get 1 Free option for Arcturas, Brune Slate Podiums and Organicals […]
Scallops New Products! Scallops & 3D Cube Walls - Our brand new 3D Cube Wall and Scallops System are reminiscent of our CyTower Panels but with unique twists. The 3D Cube Wall creates a “pop out” design and can be displayed with framed or unframed. Unframed, this product connects with hanging clips between units. It creates an almost draped/flowing look. Framed these vacu-formed frosted […]
StageSetEssentials Stage Set Essentials - Is your show on a budget but still needs to bring the WOW factor? Complete Stage Sets for under $6k! Price Includes Rendering, CAD, Set and Crating. No Fees! Labor, Shipping, Custom Fabrication, Graphics and CA Sales Tax/NV Use Tax will be in addition.